Getting Hugo and Neocities to play nice with IPFS

Neocities 1 supports IPFS 2 archiving by default. Versions of the entire site are stored by hash. Hash values are available at URLs of the form:<site>/archives. Under a default Hugo 3 configuration, a DNS-based base URL will be set in the Hugo configuration (typically baseURL in config.toml). This will cause Hugo to generate all links and URLs in the site as absolute URLs incorporating the full DNS path. This, unfortunately, makes the site IPFS-unfriendly, as every link will take the user off of their IPFS node.
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Site generated using Hugo This is the first post using Hugo 1. Hugo was an acceptable choice because it’s written in Go and therefore is extremely simple to install and use. Site hosted using neocities Neocities 2 has a decent free plan, supports Bitcoin, and is somewhat decentralized (content is archived to IPFS 3. Hugo | A Fast and Flexible Website Generator [return] Neocities [return] IPFS is the Distributed Web [return]